Curtain Tracks

Curtain and Drape Tracking

Curtains can be very light and only require a lightweight curtain track, usually for window coverings. Drapes, on the other hand, are usually quite heavy and require a heavy-duty track, such drapes are used in theatres and on venues with stages. Are straight tracks required tracks with cross over centres and tracks with curves

A very important consideration should be how such curtains and drapes are to be opened, some can be hand-drawn, others particularly front of House curtains should be at the very least cord operated. Multi tracks taking several drapes should be electronically operated, up to sophisticated with remote controlled tracks operation.

In common with all tracks that we supply should of the very best quality – when all is said and done they will be outlasting the drapes and curtains that they hold. All tracks can be relocated and extended to.

In addition to conventional tracks other drapes such as Borders, Legs, Backdrops and Cycloramas require different methods for such items to be attached to.



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