Curtain and Drape Track

It is essential to have the correct curtain track for your drapes & curtains. Curtains and drapes are much heavier than curtains for the home. Not only should the track be strong but strong robust to stand a certain amount of abuse. It's essential to have the correct hook - check out fittings.

Goelst 5600 Track

Used for many applications similar to heavy duty track in applications - again can be wall, ceiling and suspended, can give a more flush filling Hidden when curtains closed, this is achieved by attaching hook lower on curtain.

This is one of many tracks that Goelst manufacture - would recommend having a look at their WEB site

Goelst 5600 with different hooks
Goelst 5600 Track with selection of hooks

Heavy Duty Track

This track can be wall, ceiling or suspended - Used for all stage applications, can be hand drawn, cord operated or electrically operated. 

Top of drape will be level with the bottom of the track

Heavy Duty Track with runner and hook
Heavy Duty Track with Runner and Hook