Curtain Tracks & Fittings

Hallstage track for large stage
Curtain attached to T60 track

Curtain track and fittings are very important in that they should be robust enough to cope with frequent opening and closing of your curtains. Stage tracks differ from tracks for window curtains.

It is essential that you seek our advice when considering curtain track and fitting, we have listed below items that should be considered when selecting theatre tracks

Hallstage Curved track with runners

T60 Track is a great product with a 100-year history. It is reliable, dependable, high-quality stage track designed to meet the exacting requirements of any stage. Designed with the entertainment industry in mind, the T60 stage track can be manufactured in many configurations.

Goelst Electric curtain track

Goelst electrically operated curtain track that can be controlled remotely.

Goelst 2900 Multi curtain track

Goelst multi curtain tracks so that several curtains can be attached to the same track.

Goelst track with voile curtain in car showroom

Suspended Goelst track with voile fabric for a car showroom giving a stunning effect.

How curtain hooks are attached is very important and should be strong enough to withstand hard tugging, particularly in schools. A strong webbing is sewn into the curtain head first then the hook is sewn to the webbing using webbing and strong thread.

Selection of curtain hooks

All tracks require suitable curtain hooks and appropriate for the curtain and should be robust.

Snap Hook sewn into curtain heading

Standard snap hook

Caribiner sewn into curtain heading

Carabiner hook

Dog Hook sewn into heading of curtain

Dog hook

Metal Snap Hook sewn into curtain heading

Metal snap hook

"S" Hook on Eyelet

“S” Hook attached to eyelet

Goelst 5600 Curtain Track
Goelst 5600 track with curtain attached
Goelst 5600 track with curtain attached
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