Standard Snap Hook

These hooks are doubled sewn into heavy duty webbing using strong commercial thread.

Application:- Large curtains made from Serge and Velvet,  fabric weights over 400 gm2








Metal Snap Hook

Application as our standard snap hook recommended for the heaviest of curtains.

"S" Hook

Application :- Allowing the attachment to eyelets - Fitted in a similar way to our snap 

Dog Hook

A  fitted similar to snap hooks - Used when hook requires to be stand up from curtain.

Dog Hook


Similar application to snap hooks - but an alternative for attaching to different types of tracking.

Rufflette Hook

Used for light weight curtains fitted into rufflette tape which allows movement in the tape

Chain Base

Used for curtains to allow better hanging particularly for front of house.

All curtains are hemmed, for chain base a separate pocket is sewn into the into the hem  to allow fitting of chain or a pipe - the bottom of the pocket is higher than the bottom of the curtain to eliminate wear on the curtain.

Chain and Pipe Base