JD Drapes and Curtains manufacture curtains for Schools Colleges and Universities. Your Establishment Primary School, Junior School, High School through to University, we can help. Lots of Schools and Universities have many varied needs, most have a stage so check out our theatre page. We can provide curtains for your windows drapes to separate a room or hall, blackout curtains required when showing videos, not forgetting materials to help with acoustics, It can be very daunting so call in the professionals to help with the design process design have a look at our products & services

JD Drapes and Curtains specialize in the manufacture of curtains for all school curtains and drapes, requirements can be varied. We have listed some situation that we have encountered and found a solution for.

Schools that have a stage, then have a look at our stage page that is devoted to all stages small or large. We find other venues such as function rooms to be similar to the requirements of schools.

Halls are used for many purposed from morning assembly, gym, small productions, exams, canteen, and concerts just to mention a few.

Most halls have windows that require curtains, we would recommend that the blackout curtain should be used in all cases. Important when the focus is required on the production. When areas of the hall are blacked out so any light can be focused on the performance by separate lighting giving a good look.

When a hall is used as a gym then it is not unusual for gym equipment to be on view around the perimeter of the hall. In such cases, we have installed tracks and curtains to hide equipment. Wool Serge is the best product for this, at the same time giving good acoustics.

Schools want to produce shows, particularly at Christmas time and want to install a curtain to hide the performers from the audience. A temporary stage can easily be achieved and can result in a spectacular finish, consider the use of voiles as a low cost add on.

School Hall requiring separation to cover an area of the hall with curved ceiling.

School hall after installing Accolade curtain on suspended T60 track

Black Bolton Twill on a suspended Goelst track separating a section of a school hall

Schools – Universities – Colleges have many different requirements we have listed below some jobs that we have undertaken.
  • Curtains for all stage areas. front of house, legs, borders, backdrops.
  • Acoustic curtains.
  • Window curtains.
  • Wallcoverings.
  • Room and hall separation
  • Blackout curtains
  • Curtain tracks
  • Stage lighting
  • Decorative curtains
Stage Lighting

If you don’t see what you are after please ask

We will help you through the entire process so please don’t hesitate to give us a call, we will give you an idea of cost even if you only have an approx measurement. See The Journey