There are so many fabrics available for stage curtains and theatre drapes, on this page, we show the most widely used fabrics., used in front of house, legs, borders and backdrops. See Glossary in addition, they can include Light Dimming Fabric, Blackout and Voile pages. We have a wide selection of Products & Services

Front of house green velvet curtain with matching valance. Extra stage edge valances are shown
  • Front of House curtains and drapes
  • Stage front Valances
  • Legs
  • Borders
  • Cycloramas
  • Scenic Canvas
  • Special effect curtains
Black Wool Serge most widely used of all theatrical fabrics. Durable, strong and with good acoustic properties, this is the most popular fabric for traditional on-stage maskings and perimeter curtains. Black Wool Serge come in several weights starting with our most popular lightweight Black Wool Serge. Click HERE for specification
Black Wool Serge curtain used to enclose an area. A heavyweight curtain was used for the acoustic purpose in this instance – for the visual purpose, our lightweight serge would be appropriate.
Chromakey used in the TV and Media is available in blue and green
Canvas used for backdrops / Cyclorama available in wide sizes so as to remove the need for seams in most cases. See below
Canvas used as a backdrop in TV studio
Bolton Twill is a very good alternative to wool serge and is available in several colours. This fabric is a low-cost alternative and can be used as a curtain lining. Used for legs and borders.
Bolton Twill used to separate school hall
We have a range of coloured Wool Serge fabric that has a mid-range weight, with a wide colour range, including Chromakey Wool Serge used by TV and the media
Sharkstooth Gauze usually, an 8-point cotton scrim used by theatres and lighting technicians. When front lit at an oblique angle the scrim appears opaque. When backlit the scrim appears transparent, revealing the upstage scene. This gauze can be painted using scenic paint and used as a projection surface. This gauze is a truly versatile fabric.
Accolade’s character remains versatile and contemporary, and for this reason, as a semi-matt twill weave dimout fabric, it makes a confident statement brave enough to stand the test of time. With a mix of 25 colourways varying from calming and reflective to vibrant and energetic, the perfect choice awaits for any scheme. This attractive bold range meets the UK and international flame retardant standards. This fabric is worth consideration, can be used for all stage curtains including window coverings. See below
Blue Accolade used to separate a school hall. Click HERE for full specification of this fabric and lots more.
One of our popular decorative blackouts, ZANZIBAR is a contemporary curtain fabric with a vibrant palette of bold colours. This taffeta effect fabric has a three-pass blackout coating offering complete light exclusion, thermal properties and an ultra-soft handle with the added benefits of a stain and water-resistant coating on the face for added confidence in use. With a mix of 34 colours varying from calming and reflective to vibrant and energetic, this contract fabric is widely used across all applications. An excellent choice for front of house, this fabric does not require lining.
Zanzibar front of house curtain with matching valance. This curtain had a puddle base due to an uneven stage floor.


Velvet by nature is considered a natural blackout fabric; the thick pile makes it a very effective light blocking fabric whilst dampening external noise. Our REGENCY curtain velvet also has natural thermal qualities keeping a room cool from the glare of the sun or reducing heat loss which also provides energy efficiency. This flame retardant curtain velvet is available in a narrow width in 22 colours, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to any interior scheme. REGENCY velvet is widely used across the hospitality, cruise, education and workplace markets, and can also be used in a domestic setting. First choice for most theatre front of house. Click HERE for the range of colours and detailed specification.


An expression of versatility and style SENSATION offers luxury and is the epitome of sophistication in a blackout velvet window treatment. A sumptuous knitted velvet with an alluring surface sheen and a soft tactile texture and very current in today’s velvet trend. SENSATION presents in a sophisticated 26 strong colour line of warm and cool neutrals, as well as trend-inspired jewel tones of emerald and opal, spice and contemporary pastels. This contract standard blackout is flame retardant, offers complete light exclusion and has thermal properties; ensuring sound insulation and energy saving. Available in both narrow and wide width, this contract curtain fabric is widely used across the hospitality, cruise, healthcare, education and workplace markets, and can also be used in a domestic setting. Click HERE for the range of colours and detailed specification.