The Journey

Every journey has a start, possible a middle and an end, but most importantly it needs to be planned. When completed it should live up to your expectations. This applies to lots of products and services not least Stage and Theatre curtains. Check out Measuring Tips

Typical Stage Layout


Whatever your venue, theatre, primary school, high school, college and university, social club, village and church halls. You still need to plan if you want to carry out a performance in front of an audience large or small. Most will have a stage small or large, permanent or temporary, the objective is to be visibly pleasing and practical.

Most stages have front of house curtains that are closed until the performance commences, they should be visually pleasing to the eye, at the same time being practical, fire retardant, excluding light from the stage to the audience, and excluding background noise.

Other areas of your planning should include the possible requirement of truss rigging so that lighting, borders can be attached too.

Other considerations to plan for are window curtains that should be a blackout, walls coverings that should have acoustic properties.

Opening stage production

The Start

What is your vision and expectations, JD Drapes and Curtains will be with you all the way. We always recommend submitting a rough outline of your requirements. have a look at our Measuring Tips At this stage such things as accurate measurements., fabric requirements are not important at this stage.

We will prepare a meaningful quotation, should you feel this to be within your budget, then we will arrange a free survey.

During the survey, we will discuss in detail all that you have requested and give our advice as necessary. We will discuss with you the fabrics that will be available to you and show you samples.

Doc 10 Cyclorama Curtain

The Middle

This is the stage when we possibly make a return visit particularly if curtain tracks are to be fitted.

Curtains are being manufactured to your specifications, curtain tracks are being fitted, final measurements are being made, curtains are finished and quality checked.

The End

This is when curtains are fitted and we wait for your approval.

The Summary

JD Drapes and Curtains appreciate that you may not require our free project management.

We have listed below our stand-alone services.

  • Manufacture curtains to your specification (see our measurement guide)
  • Free site visit to measure up for curtains on your existing track.
  • Free site visit to measure up for curtain track.
  • Installation service for your curtains
  • Installation for your curtain track
  • Free advice